The Athletic Campus  Facilities are committed to providing a safe, clean, family fun environment. Anything other then positive encouragement of players, coaches, referees, and staff is strictly forbidden. It is extremely important that coaches and teams respect the team that proceeds them and follows them, by remaining off the field until their designated time and by promptly exiting the field at the conclusion of their time. Disruptions of on field activities will not be tolerated. Please remember to be cautious when entering live play areas.

Facility Rules and Policies

  • All players and coaches must submit signed waivers
  • Please refrain from entering the field area until designated time
  • Please Exit field promptly
  • Goals and other equipment should be returned to designated places before your field time ends. This includes drawing back divider nets.
  • Please clean the field and side lines of all trash and belongings.
  • All team meetings should take place in the meeting room or lobby
  • Please no kicking, dribbling or other ball play in lobby areas and hall ways
  • Spectators are welcome, but should refrain from engaging in any sport or activities on side lines. Including throwing balls. Chairs are welcome
  • All accidents and injuries should be reported to facility management immediately
  • No outdoor cleats – shoes must be specify made for turf
  • No gum, no sunflower seeds, and no spitting on turf

The Athletic Campus facilities is not responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced Items. Each facility does maintain a lost and found. For higher value items please see the manager on duty. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us

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